United Response

Our vision is a society where everyone has equal access to the same rights and opportunities.

Our mission is to make sure that people with learning disabilities, mental and physical support needs have the opportunity to live their lives to the full.

In our work we aim to be creative, strong, honest, responsive and united.

Thanks to your generosity and support, we are able to run a wide range of projects and initiatives that offer the people we support a better quality of life.

For example:

£12 could pay for an hour of job coach support to help someone with autism into a job

£22 could help run a taster sign language session within the local community widening communication for many people we support

£60 could pay for tools for people we support to use on one of our horticulture projects such as Boscawen Farm in Truro, or our allotments in Bristol and Blackpool.


United Response is a national charity working with people with a range of disabilities and mental health needs to live the lives they deserve, as independently as possible. We support some of the most vulnerable people in society, many of whom have spent part of their lives living in institutions. We also support an increasing number of people with profound and complex needs – people that other organisations may not be able to reach.

Whether providing 24 hour care or just a few hours of help with the weekly shop, our support makes the difference between an isolated existence and a meaningful, independent life lived fully in the community.

Your fundraising provides the people we support with the little extras in life that make all the difference. Things that many people can often take for granted. By fundraising for United Response you are helping people to make real choices for themselves.