My Training

I haven’t listed all my training from 2021 but I will start to put 2022 up, mainly to hold myself accountable and so people who have donated or potential donators can see I am actually training for the marathon.

First ever running video 🤣
Latest training session. Insanity workout 7!
Insanity workout 6! So tired!
My first 5 miler in months! Still slower than I’d like but improving every time! 🥳
Positive song of the month ❤️ The Eves – Caroline Gilmour and Marissa Keltie – you can buy more of their music on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon. You can also follow them on Facebook.

Plod plod plod….

My longest run of 2022, but also quite slow. Getting back into keto murders my legs for a few weeks 😱

This was early 2021.