I’ve been away a while, but now I am back!!

Mid to late October 2021 was quite a difficult time for us, we lost Emma’s Dad unexpectedly in the August – it could have been prevented, then in September we moved house and that was mega stressful and tough, work was hectic (and still is) then I contracted covid and was a bit poorly for about a month. I was very down in the dumps and the weather was crap! Once I felt I had recovered, I started running again. But it was hard, my chest hurt and it felt harder than I was used to. This deflated me a bit and with winter setting in I got frustrated and just stopped training. Then the guy from United Response said my golden Bond place had been carried over to next year, meaning I can still run and keep fundraising! Yay! So over Christmas I came of keto for a bit – I wanted a mince pie 🤣 and I felt awful after it – I had a headache and the shakes and felt tired. In January I reset and started again. I was doing well then I got some sort of non covid virus, it gave me a cough and blocked nose, I tried to run with it but the body didn’t want to! In the same month, would you believe, I got covid again 😭😭 but I know I got it from my partner Emma…this time not as bad – I had a cold and was a bit fatigued, so this set me back again. I restarted my training in February. My pace has reduced again so ill need to work on that and do some hills and fartlek training! So here’s to starting again for London Marathon 2022! 💪🏃🏽‍♀️

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