Insanity! What’s it all about??

Have a look at this trailer and see for yourself.

I started ‘Insanity’ when I had lost all of my cardio fitness and a lot of muscle. This was after I had recovered from my prolapsed discs. Probably wasn’t the best idea but so far I’ve not regretted that decision. Insanity is quite high impact and you need to build some core strength because all of the Plyometrics will put a strain on your back and knees. Once you have a stronger core, the impact will be less because you’ll have control and less jerky movement.

Insanity has a 60 day calendar with it, which I love to cross off when I’m doing well! It gives you a workout everyday but you get an active recovery day which really doesn’t feel like recovery. During week one, my muscles want to shrivel up and die and my brain refuses to allow me to get out of bed – it’s like ‘not today thank you’ and shuts off.

At the end of month one you get a full recovery week where you will focus of stretching and strengthening – don’t let the word ‘recovery’ trick you – this is not our kind of recovery 🤣 it burns like the middle of hell! But that means it’s working right? Month 1 workouts are approx 45 mins in warm up and cool down everything in between that is a blur! Month 2 is Max interval so the time increases to 60 minutes or so and that is intense, you’ll need to be taking in plenty of fluids at this point, I add a tsp of Himalayan pink salt to my water and some fresh lemon juice. To replace any lost electrolytes without the sugar in.

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