Thursday’s longer slow run

Today’s run was a bit of a wild card. I knew my mind needed the run as I’ve had a bit of a crash this week. Which is normal when you have a mental health condition and I know it won’t last so I’ll just ride the waves. I needed this run without the pressure so I went out without setting myself any goals. Good job really because my pace was shite and I took Louie so he required regular dips in the pond to cool down. I didn’t realise how warm it was until Mile 2.

What I did notice was that I didn’t require any fluids until about mile 4. I didn’t feel the need for any nutrition or electrolytes at this point so clearly my body was using the fat for fuel and this is what slows my pace. I follow the ketogenic lifestyle, so my body uses fat for fuel. It’s a much longer process than if I was using carbs/glucose for fuel. Therefore my pace is reduced. Our bodies are so used to using glucose for energy, so it takes a long while for this process to be fully effective. I have considered carb cycling so for the marathon. I might use some complex carbs – I still haven’t decided yet.

My latest playlist – Loving the new Texas song! Not to mention my buddy Caroline Gilmour and her band The Eves, such an uplifting song. 😍
On my runs, I try to always run past this house because they make their outside fence and border look so pretty. It never fails to make me smile. ❤️

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