My new orthotics arrived!!

They have my name on 🤣🤣. I got these custom made after my biomechanical assessment. They’re 3D printed by a company called Phits. Athletics weekly did a write up on them. Click here to read article

I was advised not to run in them until I could walk all day without discomfort. I hate being patient but I knew on this occasion I had to be. Yesterday, I felt no discomfort. I put them in my Brooks Glycerin 19 and off I went on a gentle run with Louie. I ended up doing 5 miles at a slow pace – which is fine for my first time in them. I felt so strong in the core area, my right side didn’t ache, my knee didn’t twinge, I actually felt even.

My Brooks Glycerin are the most comfortable running shoes I’ve ever had. I used to favour the Brooks Adrenaline 17 and 19 but they changed something about them and we fell out. Besides, they are a stability shoe and I now need neutral shoes for my inserts to work effectively. This is the pair I run in Click here. I didn’t buy them from the Brooks website, I went to Runners Need and used a healthcare worker code 🥳. If you work in Health and Social care and can provide a copy of your wage slip, you too can get a Blue Light Card for loads of discounts, it costs £5 a year. 🙂

My beauties

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